This is one of our outreach Ministries where we build houses for the very needy widows in our program. So far, with the help of your generous donations, we have continued to build houses for widows.

During our June 2015 Mission trip to Kenya, we helped Mrs. Tappense Wamuyu escape abject poverty. Mrs Tappense is a God Loving and energetic mother and grandmother. The 66 years old is the primary guardiian and caregiver to three of her grandchildren.

On June 1, 2015 we broke ground on her new house and one week later we gave her the keys to her new house. Through the help of skilled workers and many volunteers, we changed the lives of not only this one widow but her grand children as well. They previously lived in a one room shack and cooked in a makeshift kitchen and now they have a three roomed house.

Besides the new house, Mrs. Tappense Wamuyu is the proud owner of a new chicken coop, ten (10) chicken and three (3) months’ supply of chicken feed. With this help, one of our dedicated widows has a means towards a safe and sustainable livelihood.

Through this ministry we can reach more souls by alleviating the pressing needs and demands. Like the other widows we have helped, we anticipate Mrs. Tappense to dedicate more of her time ti income generating activities. The new resources at her disposal will also enable her to reach out and help others escape poverty.

We would like to appeal to your continued help as we aim to win more souls through our Houses For Widows outreach. We aim to build five (5) houses a year going forward. Each such house costs $3,000, an expense that includes labor and materials, while each chicken coop package costs $500 (chicken coop, 10 chicken and 3 months’ chicken feed)

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